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SHIFT promising you to connect your company, departments , branches , employees under a central system. Selecting and implementing the right HRMS for your company can make a huge difference to future growth and success.

Flow of SHIFT

SHIFT is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner.It describes the interaction between Company and its Employees. This system allows HR activities and processes to occur.

To put in another way, The SHIFT may be viewed as a software, for businesses big and small to take care of a number of activities, including those related to employee self service, mark attendances and leaves, process of approval attendances and leaves, apply claims for approval , add awards by Admin, permission given to department for approval and many more....

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Employee Self Service

Employees can now view his/her leave history, view claims, can generate pdf of IR8S, IR8A, Appendix8A, Appendix8B forms.This module is only for Employee(not for admin).

Leave & Attendance

Employees can apply for leave, view their leave request details and leave history.He/she can mark attendance for today itself.Employee can view his approved leaves on dashboard calendar.

Claims tracking & Rewards

Employees can apply for claims and view their request details, history, and setup workflow for the approvals.Employee can view his/her assigned awards with details, award name, month, year etc.

Permissions to Department

Specifies permissions for all departments that can be done to a menu or menu item.The module adds permission lines for every custom menu for all known operations - add, edit, delete, view.

Organised Holiday Leave

Mark special days on the calendar to inform employees of "no leave" periods.Employees view assigned holidays to make better holiday booking decisions.It helps you to manage holidays.

Display Notice Board

Admin can add or update notice, if required.View all timelines with publisher name, date, heading, description of notice.Employee can view notices at dashboard which are added by Super admin.

Manage Working hours

This Module manage the business close and open time, working day of the business, working hours of the business.
Responsible authority can update office opening and closing time.

Report management

Access reports to gain insights into your business, make decisions about the future, prepare payslips based reports.Report are employee based payslip report, yearly based payslip reports.


Designed to maintain & update the payroll details with flexibility and comprehensive reporting.It features flexible entry, leave calculations, allowances, earnings/ deductions, pay slip printing.

SHIFT Dashboard

The Dashboard module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface with total no. of departments, employees, holidays.It also shows calendar with display of holidays, notice board, leaves with its type.

System Setup

Site setting holds all the necessary details of the company with currency value, enable and disable tax, Pdf watermark, time zone, registration number, invoice start from and can also uploads logo with print pdf logo.

User Role and Security

Login Admin/employee can manage their account details and can view and edit his profile with details like personal, bank, official, qualification, identity document, allowed leaves and can change the password.

Why Choose SHIFT?

SHIFT System is solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of an employee. Fully pre-integrated modules such as personal information management, leave management, employee self service, payroll management, awards, holidays, reports and statistics, notice board and claims ensure that your data is always accurate and automatically kept in synch with no effort.
SHIFT is designed to help you to streamline your employee resources and improve inner workings of your organization, by providing your HR staff to deliver a fast and effective HRM solution.


  • Employee self service module is provided
  • Allow Employee to mark attendance for present date
  • Reports can be generate as pdf for employee based payslips and yearly based payslips.
  • Admin can add awards.Employee can view his/her assigned awards with details.
  • Claims tracking with applied claim history
  • Notice board can be added with details at dashboard
  • Apply for leaves, leave approval by department, and leave history and many more....


  • Completely Secure, User Friendly Interface
  • Better employee management
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Streamline HR workflows
  • Maintain consistency
  • Scalability is provided to handle simplest as well as most complex company structure.
  • Permissions for every custom menu for all known operations - add, edit, delete, view.
  • Centralized Data Storage and Enhanced security
  • Empower employees through self-service functions and many more....